Who is fighting on the side of Russia? Criminals and perverts against the Ukrainian army


New shocking videos of the recruitment of convicts into the private military company «Wagner» have appeared on the Internet. The same organization that sows its own corpses in the East of Ukraine, however, does not have a legal status even in the Russian Federation, and, for example, the USA recognized them as a transnational criminal group.

Evgeny Prigozhin and his profile on the FBI page

Public curator of PMC «Wagner» Yevgeny Prigozhin addresses the prisoners of one of the Russian prisons. This speech should be analyzed into quotes to understand who is fighting against Ukraine.


International criminals are responsible for the mobilization

As part of the latest mobilization in Russia to replenish the personnel of the army, prisoners were actively recruited, and were promised amnesty after six months of service. True, they had to act as sacrificially as possible at the front. Of course, during the meat grinder under Ugledar or Bakhmut, where they were thrown, it was almost a guaranteed death.

Wagner mercenaries at the headquarters in St. Petersburg

The mobilization of the detainees was entrusted to the so-called «Wagner group» — in every sense an illegal, de facto terrorist organization, whose representatives previously participated in armed conflicts in the countries of Asia and Africa — Syria (on Bashar Assad’s side), Sudan, Libya, CAR. Suspected of war crimes and crimes against humanity.


Recruitment of «the best sons of the nation»

In order to have a complete picture, we will quote some quotes from the speech of the curator of the PMC «Wagner» Yevgeny Prigozhin, who spent almost 10 years in prison for robbery and involvement of minors in criminal activities, before the arrestees during recruitment. Given a large number of profanity unacceptable for journalism, we will change some words as closely as possible in meaning.

PMC Wagner operates mainly in Africa, Asia and Ukraine


About the selection criteria for the service

«Who do we need? All are needed, all well done, but the ideal candidate, so to speak: … is 30-45 years old, strong, self-confident, hardy, preferably served 15 years or more, preferably 15 or more years ahead, preferably not once for murder, grievous bodily harm, robbery, robbery. If the administration was beaten by some cops (ed.) — that’s the best. We need your criminal talents» — this speech by Prigozhin, of course, took place in the presence of prison employees.


About «roosters»*

«We don’t take any of the downtrodden, prison rape so that you feel comfortable fighting in your own team. We respect all concepts. It is clear that there are also offended people who want to go to war. They will be followed by a specially trained colonel, who is currently creating a separate red banner division for roosters.»

Real mercenaries do not want to fight next to the victims of gay violence in prison

Here it is necessary to explain to our readers that the concept of «prison rape» has passed from Soviet times to the modern predominantly Russian-speaking criminal subculture of AUE (Prisoner’s Practice Solidarity – in English) and means a lower caste of prisoners who, due to coercion, enter into a passive sexual relationship with other castes and suffer a number of other humiliations.

*Rape among male prisoners often happened in Russia. The victims of these rapes are excluded. You’re at the bottom of the prison hierarchy. They are called “roosters”.


About the activities of PMC «Wagner»

«We were outlaws for many years, overthrew governments, carried out coups, won wars. During this time, while we were a militarized organized criminal group with tanks, airplanes, and helicopters, we developed our own code, which differs from the laws of the Russian Federation, by which we live in war.»

Prigozhin goes on to talk about the three main sins that are punishable by execution on the spot: desertion, alcohol and drug use, as well as looting and violence against the civilian population.

First, not only shooting. Sometimes he can be replaced by execution with a sledgehammer, as was the case with Yevgeny Nuzhin. Secondly, both alcohol and drugs are used by the Wagnerites, as evidenced by the documents.

Some prisoners are buried as heroes in Russia, but not everyone agrees with this even there

Thirdly, members of Wagner’s group are involved in war crimes cases. After the war, an international tribunal is definitely waiting for them.

At the end of his speech, Yevgeny Prigozhin decided to increase his own weight due to the indomitability of Ukrainian soldiers. The curator of Wagner’s group answers the detainee’s questions about the so-called «Special Operation» and its prospects:

«The perspectives of «Special military operation» are not the best. So much has been lost (ed.) that it is extremely difficult to correct. Everything that was planned was planned … (sound signal). They decided that the «dills» (a contemptuous name for Ukrainians – ed.) are scared, and they are the same as us — with steel eggs. You take a prisoner and say: «Why don’t you surrender?» He answers: «Why don’t you give up?».

The difference is that Ukrainians are defending their own land and clearly understand why they are fighting, unlike the occupying army.

Film director Oleg Sentsov fought on the hottest sectors of the front in 2022

The nation’s best people joined the armed forces: musicians, IT specialists, teachers, etc.

Oleksandr Polozhinsky, singer, former leader of the Tartak group, signed a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in February 2022

It is worth adding that the Wagnerites feel like a separate army that does not obey the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Moreover, they have constant problems with the official military vertical, and there are constant mutual accusations. The last characteristic example: Yevgeny Prigozhin accused the Ministry of Defense of not supplying ammunition to the PMC front. However, Sergei Shoigu’s department denied this fact.


Expert opinion

Ivan Kyrychevsky, military expert:

«The Russian occupying forces have chosen the strategy of «war of attrition», according to which the bet is precisely on quantity, not on quality. The logic is as follows: the greater the intensity of manpower attacks from their side, the greater the level of exhaustion of the Armed Forces in defense.»

Ivan Kyrychevsky, military expert:

«According to this logic, prisoners and PMC «Wagner» are optimal for the Russian Federation. Prisoners have no moral barrier to killing a person, cold or firearm. If the Russians continue to try to repeat the tactics of assault groups, then the Wagner prisoners will still give the Kremlin some results for some time. If only because the tactics of the assault groups carried out by the «Wagner» PMC are very reminiscent of a group robbery — they are also carried out quickly, aggressively, and with a small number of people. But if the «Wagnerians» have to be used for defense, then their effectiveness may fall. Precisely because they are not used to acting in large groups of troops, which are necessary for defensive operations.”



Russia opposes the Ukrainian military, trained in the West for modern ways of waging war, to an army of criminal zombie killers who do not value either their own lives or those of others. Situationally, due to a large number of losses, such an army can give results, but it has nothing to do with solving strategic tasks, and even more so with achieving goals in the war, which, by the way, the leadership of the Russian Federation has not yet made public.


Kostyantyn Grechany

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