Fake: teenagers are fighting on the front lines in Ukraine


Fake information about Ukraine recruiting teenagers to its front-line troops began to spread again on the Internet. That article is supported by «evidence» in the form of videos filmed by the «teenagers» themselves.

Russian propagandists say that children are already fighting at the front for Ukraine

We decided to refute this absurd information.


«Teenagers take up arms and go to war»: truth or lie?

Misinformation about the fact that teenagers are fighting in the armed forces is spreading even on Twitter. They’re captioning the video, asking the world to open its eyes to the crime of Ukraine.

Quote: “Here are the «soldiers» that Zelensky sends to the front. Children. And Europe and the United States support this madman”.

Russian publications claim that 16-year-olds join the ranks of the army

In the Russian mass media, journalists rely on the comment of an unknown special forces fighter of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia under the call sign «Ukrop» (Dill). His face has been blurred, and his voice changed, so we cannot know who the man in the frame is.

Quote: “They are 14-16 years old — so to speak, a volkssturm. Juveniles appeared two months ago, I think because 14-year-olds are easily brainwashed. And judging by the way, they were under some kind of drug, because when we fought — a person gets up after a direct hit of a bullet in the «alpha zone”.

Volkssturm — a mass national militia created by Nazi Germany in the final months of World War II. It was staffed by conscripted men between the ages of 16 and 60 who had not yet served in any military unit. The purpose of such an event was to overcome the enemy’s army by «strength of spirit» and numbers.

Facts: Questions about military duty are regulated by the Law of Ukraine «On Military Duty and Military Service». According to it, military service can be accepted only from the age of 18. There are no mechanisms for attracting minors to serve in the Armed Forces or other security and defense forces in Ukrainian legislation. By the way, the recruitment of children and teenagers for military service also contradicts the norms of international law.

“Male teenagers from the age of 16 are considered conscripts, who are subject to registration at conscription stations. 17-year-olds who are in the year of enlistment can receive a summons from the Military Commissariat. This summons does not mean that teenagers will be mobilized and sent to the front. Instead, teenagers must register for the military. It is also necessary to pass a medical examination at the military commissariat to determine the suitability of teenagers for military service in the future”, — explain junior VoxCheck analyst Kyrylo Perevoshchikov.

A variety of people fight in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but they are all over 18 years old, in the screenshot, paramedic Elizaveta, she is 23 years old

In the propaganda video, the part belongs to the military paramedic “Chaika” (Gull), who has been at the front since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In fact, she is 23 years old and she has two degrees. She went to war with her boyfriend, who unfortunately died on the battlefield.

She was contacted by the TV journalists of «Edyny novyny» and asked what she thought about the fake in which she was involved. She confirmed her age and said that this information was not true. Her parents did the same.

Another «teenager» turned out to be a 26-year-old fighter

In addition, it was possible to identify another guy from the video used by propagandists. Andriy Saidys, who really looks very young, is actually 26 years old. His TikTok profile clearly shows that the guy has a girlfriend and runs his own online clothing store.

We have not been able to identify the third guy from the video. However, we believe that he is not an exception and, like previous people, was used in this fake as an adult.


Why does Russia spread such fakes?

Russia spreads such disinformation in order to make people feel that Ukraine is suffering heavy losses on the battlefield and is ready to do anything to replenish the supply of fighters. This is a manipulation to demonize Ukraine in front of the world and turn it into a state that has no moral values.

This can only indicate the desperation of Russian propagandists, who cannot write anything about the successes of their side at the front. So they spend all their time inventing another «fairy tale» about Ukraine.

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